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The GlowBeau

$160.00 USD

The handheld LED light therapy device for flawless skin! Perfect for your face and body.


3 Wavelengths. 
1 Device. 
0 Imperfections.

Your daily essential

10 minutes is all it takes

Goodbye, imperfections!

Red light (650nm): Anti-aging & anti-inflammation

Green light (550nm): Calms skin & lightens pigmentation

Blue light (450nm): Fights acne & stabilizes oil production

A spa-like experience

3 levels of warmth to increase circulation & promote metabolism.

Plus, it just feels amazing on your skin!

How to use

1. Turn on the device & select your preferred light color.

2. Turn on the warming function to enhance blood circulation (optional).

3. Press the device head gently on your skin. The LED will activate upon contact with your skin.

4. Massage in circular motions.

Real results

Clinically proven technology that produces the results you want.

In this case study, the subject used the GlowBeau to treat stubborn acne.

- Twice daily use for 21 days.

- Morning: 10 mins of red light.

- Evening: 10 mins of blue light.

Customer Reviews

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The GlowBeau

$160.00 USD


  • Is it suitable for sensitive skin?

    Absolutely! The GlowBeau is completely safe and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. In fact, LED technology has been proven to be effective for treating sensitive skin conditions such as psoriasis, rosacea, and eczema.

  • How long does it take for me to see results?

    The time it takes to start seeing results of LED light therapy varies greatly with each individual. For some it may take months to see results, while for others it could be as fast as 2 weeks. 

    The key is consistency. The benefits of light therapy are cumulative, so regular and continued use is most effective and will generate the best results.

  • Is it true NASA developed this?

    NASA discovered the technology on which the GlowBeau is based on (LED light therapy), but not the product itself. 

    NASA used LED technology in plant growth experiments in space and found that red LED wavelengths could boost plant growth. Coincidentally the scientist’s skin lesions began to heal faster as well. 

    Many researchers subsequently conducted clinical studies on the effects of LED therapy on the skin, where it was found to produce numerous benefits as mentioned above.